It is a fact that there has been many books on catfish fingerling production,but this has proven to be effective.

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Philip O. Efoguah,

Dear Friend,

I hereby introduce my book on step by step approach to catfish fingerlings production to you. My motivation to write this book is borne out of the fact that so many people have had their fingers burnt in trying to invest in catfish fingerlings production. So many have even attended seminar but could not put into practice what they have learnt. This is the area where my book comes in, because it is practical-oriented. It is very simple and easy to understand. If you follow the step by step methods explained in it I have no doubt in my mind about your success.

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Catfish Fingerlings Production Moreover, there are some benefits you will derive from this manual which you may not find in other books.

Some of them include:
How to maximize your cost of production through the culture and use of daphnia - a natural feed. A table of trouble shooting - to enable you know what to do immediately should there be any problem. How to identify symptoms and treatment diseases common to catfish.

How to transport your fingerlings to a long distances without experiencing mortality. How to raise the PH of your water. Success tips, which will guide you and lead you to success.

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and receive the following valuable bonuses:

1: How to start a snail farm in your backyard. (see restrictions below)

2: One Year mentorship and free consultancy, for all those who purchase this manual.


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